Data privacy statement

Via the web page SHW Storage & Handling Solutions GmbH offers a comprehensive service for the contractual partner, the customers and for the interested persons. In this connection the business management and the employees set value particularly on the confiding and secure handling with your personal data and the data of your company.

The following data privacy statement is the principle of our action and component of the business relationship with customers, interested persons and dentures.

1. Information on the homepage
On the web page your personal data gets captured and handled in various degrees. Aside the provider of the web page elates data; SHW Storage & Handling Solutions GmbH has no influence hereupon.
For the elevation, handling and utilisation of your personal data following points are valid.Personal data are detailed information about personal or objective affairs of a particular or estimable natural person which offers statements about your behaviour or about your characteristics. This information includes name, address, phone or fax number, email addresses but also information about your personal interests if this information can be related direct or indirect to your person.

2. Cookies
Cookies are small text files which get temporary saved on your hard disk. Due to technical reasons sometimes also cookies get used without informing you in each case. Thereby only your IP-address gets saved. The cookies enable a more comfortable access to the offer. If you do not want that we recognise your computer and if you prefer to insert your personal data always new then you can deactivate the saving of cookies in your browser or receive notifications as soon as cookies are sent.

If you do not want cookies for reach measurement to be saved on your device, you can object to the use of these files here:

Standard browsers provide the setting option of not accepting cookies. Note: It is not ensured that you are given full and unlimited access to all functions of this website if you make the relevant settings.

3. Analytic tools
SHW Storage & Handling Solutions GmbH uses webalizers. This is a free web analysis software which works with log file analysis. The statistics, generated from the webalizer, usually contain the following information: enquiries, attendances, links, countries of the visitors and the amount of supplied data. The examinations occur as monthly or annual statement. The data is anonymized and does not allow any conclusion of single persons.
It is possible that SHW Storage & Handling Solutions GmbH utilises another analysis tool for technical or organisational reasons. Also in this case only anonymized data gets elated, treated and used.

4. Links and contents on the pages of dentures
On the web page you find links to the offer of third persons. SHW Storage & Handling Solutions cannot assume any liability for this webpages and their particular handling of personal data.
Liability note: With the judgment on May, 12th 1998 the county court Hamburg has decided that by linking you may be hold responsible for the content of the linked page.
This, according to the county court, can only be prevented by dissociating oneself explicitly from these contents. SHW Storage & Handling Solutions GmbH placed links on the web pages to other web pages on the internet. For all these links applies: SHW Storage & Handling Solutions GmbH declares explicitly that SHW Storage & Handling Solutions GmbH does not have any influence on the composition and contents of the linked pages. Therefore SHW Storage & Handling Solutions GmbH dissociates itself hereby from all contents of all linked pages on the homepage and does not appropriate these contents. This declaration is valid for all indicated links on the homepage and for all page contents to which presented banner, buttons and links conduct.

5. Contact details
On the web pages you can insert contact details. It is a matter of voluntary indication of personal data. SHW Storage & Handling Solutions GmbH generally took all technical and organisational measures that this data is safe. As the basic transmission though does not occur keyed, SHW Storage & Handling Solutions GmbH cannot guarantee the data integrity. Therefore please be very careful with indications and do not transmit sensitive data, such as your bank account, through the contact form.

5.1 Registration for events and applications
Our website may contain registration forms for events. These forms may contain personal information that we use for the purpose of organizing the event. We will only use application forms sent to us by e-mail for the processing of your applications and will treat them according to the relevant regulations after completing the application process. The transmission is unencrypted.

6. Dissemination of the data to third persons
A dissemination of the data generally does not occur; potential exceptions are arranged in the preceding points. The transfer especially does not occur on commercial purpose (address trading).

7. Security advice
SHW Storage & Handling Solutions GmbH does everything to secure your personal data from unauthorised access and abuse with suited technical and organisational measures. Please consider that during the communication by e-mail the data integrity cannot be ensured and SHW Storage & Handling Solutions GmbH advises to send intimate information by post mail.

8. Right to be informed
Naturally you have got the right to be informed about the data saved within the company, their origin, the reason of detention and possible further recipients of the data.
Please send an email to our data protection officer with details as exact as possible about you and your request for information in order to grant this information contemporary and most notably complete.
You can contact our data protection officer, Mr. Erwin Dietterle, via

9. Copyright
All contents like texts, pictures, graphics, likewise audio, video and animation files as well was their arrangements are subject to the copyright and other laws for the protection of intellectual property.
Copying or distributing of the pages or their contents is only allowed in accordance with former written consent by SHW Storage & Handling Solutions GmbH and only in connection with indication of source and date acceptable. Without this written permission the contents of this web page must not be copied, distributed or changed for commercial purpose or made accessible to third persons.
The page contents of this domain partly originate from third persons who do not allow copying or distributing. As far as resources or sources of information are indicated, these pages do not reflect the belief or the legal opinion of SHW Storage & Handling Solutions GmbH.
The intellectual property is protected by different rights like patent, trademark or copyright laws by SHW Storage & Handling Solutions GmbH.

10. Questions and suggestions
For questions or suggestions you can contact us at:

SHW Storage & Handling Solutions GmbH
Wasseralfinger Straße 60-66
73460 Huettlingen, Germany

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Centre du service

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