Gypsum and cement – the most used material worldwide

These bulk materials are classed as inorganic, non-metallic materials.

There are 2.8 billion tonnes of cement produced in huge cement plants worldwide. Consequently, cement is the most used material of all.

Irrespective of whether the basic raw material for cement production has to be stored, pulverised, mixed or burned, SHW-SHS plant systems with their ingenious technology always make sure that the processes run smoothly and production is economic and continuous.

We provide systems for the storage and processing of:

  • gypsum
  • REA gypsum
  • cement
  • and for the treatment of secondary fuels





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SHW Storage & Handling Solutions Inc. in the USA

Since 1st of October 2015 SHW Storage & Handling Solution operates with a subsidiary company in Atlanta (USA) the SHW-SHS Inc.


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